Writing a book words per day

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How to Write a Book

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How many words should one write per day?

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How to write 50,000 words in a month

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But first a few tedious words. However, especially for part-time writers, writing every day can be an impossible feat. These handy word count trackers do exactly what they say on the box - they count words. But they do so much more: they can help you build a writing habit, which leads to more books, which leads to more sales.

Tune it to Turnitin’s new podcast about words, writing, and why they matter. But if you write 1, words a day, you can finish the first draft of a novel in less than three months, even if you take some weekend days off.

Ready to Write a Novel?

7. Work toward a deadline. My typical output is between 3, words per day — and 10, on a really painful day. So if I don’t falter, I will have both projects on the calendar done on time. Any day I don’t meet my goal adds to the total and results in a new per-day word count goal.

How Many Words Should You Write Per Day?

Between writing on Quora, my Inc Magazine column, ghostwriting for my clients at Digital Press (not counting the dozens of emails I respond to), I can honestly say that even 10, words per day is (at times) a low estimate.

Writing a book words per day
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