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Leader of the Whig party and five times an unsuccessful presidential candidate, Henry Clay () played a central role on the stage of national politics for over forty years. Henry VI Essay. Henry VI was born on December 6, to Henry V and Catharine of Valois.

When his father died on August 31,he became King of England at the age of eight months old. The Powerful Henry Clay Essay Words 6 Pages Henry Clay was the first Speaker of the House that really helped to establish the position and increase the power.

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Calhoun, who had left the vice presidency at the end of to serve South Carolina in the Senate, drafted a reduced tariff agreement that pacified South Carolina while allowing the Federal government to stand firm.

Henry Clay Essay Henry Clay was born in Hanover County Virginia on April 12, He attended public schools and he later became the apprentice of a respected lawyer in .

Henry clay essay
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