Get paid to write a book review

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Get Paid to Review Books, Completely Free

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Get Paid to Review Books, Completely Free

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There is likewise a notice up on Television Look saying applications are on western until they get their website updated, so much back if this one goes you. It might be hard to believe with all of the criticism surrounding paid book reviews, but it’s a fact!

10 Paid Book Review Sites. New authors, indie authors in particular, depend on paid book reviews to spread the word about their books. Because it is much more difficult for indie authors to get noticed, paid book review sites can be appealing.

Another avenue that you might want to pursue as a book reviewer, would be to offer book review writing as a paid service in your freelance writing or virtual assistant business. You could charge by the length of the review or by the number of pages in the book.

Being a paid book reviewer likely sounds like a plum job for many writers, who generally love reading as much as writing. Despite this, it's certainly not a pipe dream.

Get Paid to Write Reviews: 27 Sites That Pay You (with Cash & Free Stuff!)

Seriously, I'm a real person, and I do it every day. There is indeed paid work available for book reviewers. The way to make actual money writing reviews is to be a paid critic. Research freelancing for lit mags and websites, start building a portfolio and a following. What you will get from a "career" of Goodreads reviews is a lot of free ARCs from indie authors and/or marketing people at presses.

Just like these sites that pay you to review movies, there are also many companies and websites that will pay you to write book reviews. So, whether it’s Gothic romance, crime or non-fiction, you could actually, in essence, get paid to review the books you read.

Get Paid to Read: 21 Sites That’ll Pay You to Review Books (#2 Pays $60!)

The books are all free for you in exchange for a review. After your first approved review, you will be eligible to get paid for the reviews too. There is never any cost to you. This is completely free to you, the reviewer. You do not have to say you loved the book if you didn't.

You are being paid for an honest, quick review, not a positive review.

Get paid to write a book review
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How to Become a Paid Book Reviewer