An introduction to the issue of banned books in our society

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List of banned films

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Data Protection Choices

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Those opposed to this book claim various reasons for banning it including profanity, portrayal of smoking and drinking, and anti-religious and anti. Many times the books were approved and even hailed by teachers, librarians, and other professional educators for confronting social ills and highlighting marginalized groups in society.

In defense of removing the books, school officials and parents used only excerpts of the books, particularly those containing “bad” words. Lesson Plan Booster: Censorship and Banned Books Week Banned Books Week (the last week in September) provides the perfect opportunity to discuss censorship and put some of the more famous book-bannings in their proper context.

Many books that have been banned or censored later were dropped from banned books lists and were no longer considered controversial. For this reason, banned books week occurs yearly to give readers a chance to revisit past or recently banned books to encourage a.

Top Banned/Challenged Books. ALA has posted a list of the top books that were challenged or banned between and The Harry Potter series heads the list, and some very popular.

Debating Tucson School District’s Book Ban After Suspension of Mexican American Studies Program

Censorship Below is a selective list of reference sources, books, films, web sites, and more related to the topic of censorship. Try these subject headings as well: Liberty, Academic Freedom, Censorship, Freedom of Information.

An introduction to the issue of banned books in our society
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